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General: Popular genus from the Chilean coast. Some species very small, but most medium sized and single. C. cinerea with the whitish-grey epidermis is one of the most popular. Not easy to grow to this colour as it needs extreme sunlight to look like in habitat! Most species have yellow flowers 2-5 cm across. Many have a woolly apex where the buds develope. Easy from seed but some grow rather slow. The smallest species is C. lauii which start flowering at 15 mm across.
Growing: In summer full sun and regular watering. The more sun the better spination and growth! Winter temp recommended to 5-10 C. Most species easy from seed but can be slow in growth.
Habitat: Chile
Copiapoa calderana  FK 32 (N of Caldera, Copiapo 10m)3753 $1.08  
Copiapoa calderana 'spinosior' FK 46 (S Barquito)122 $1.08  
Copiapoa cinerascens  FK 43 (Chanaral, 20m)125 $1.08  
Copiapoa cinerascens v. grandiflora FK 508 (Q de Guanillos)128 $1.08  
Copiapoa cinerascens v. grandiflora FK 796 (Esmeralda, Chile)129 $1.08  
Copiapoa cinerascens v. grandiflora FK 797 (Esmeralda, Chile)3815 $1.08  
 135 $1.62  
 7190 $1.08  
 7192 $1.08  
Copiapoa coquimbana  FK 106141 $1.08  
Copiapoa coquimbana  FK 175 (Domeyko)142 $1.08  
 4634 $1.08  
Copiapoa coquimbana  FK 464 (Domeyko-Sarco)145 $1.08  
Copiapoa coquimbana  FK 466 (Sarco)146 $1.08  
Copiapoa coquimbana 'elongata'  FK  83 (4km West of Pan Am nr Trapiche, Elqui, Chile 200m)140 $1.08  
 144 $1.08  
 4212 $0.95  
 7194 $1.62  
Copiapoa echinoides  FK 49 (W Totoral)151 $1.08  
 4248 $1.08  
Copiapoa esmeraldana  FK 1052 (Los Lomitas)4651 $1.08  
Copiapoa esmeraldana  FK 793 (Pan de Azucar, Chile)126 $1.08  
 4506 $1.62  
 4652 $1.08  
Copiapoa humilis FK 35 (Paposo, 20m)155 $1.08  
Copiapoa humilis FR 464156 $1.08  

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