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Webshop updated with appr. 500 sorts; Rebutia, Lobivia, Echinocereus, Loxanthocereus, Ariocarpus and
much more! More seeds will be added during November-January.

Webshop updated with appr. 200 sort; many Sulcorebutia, Thelocactus, Stenocactus, Lophophora and
Echinocereus! We have activated a new card payment with Payson
. Please note that only SEK and EUR can
be used. If you get any problems with using it, please let us know immediately!

Our webshop was updated early November. My trip to Bolivia delayed some orders, and we are sorry
about that, but we will soon catch up. Updated list will appear in early February.
Today we added some booklets in German/English (Kaktusy special edtions).

Our plantlist will be ready in a couple of weeks, but of course as always it depends on the weather ...

Update with more Echinocereus, Thelocactus, Turbinicarpus etc.

Uppdate with 100 new sorts. Echinocereus, Sulcorebutia, Parodia, Lobivia and a few other genera!

Our webshop can now offer you plants! Hurry up before sold out! Many plants with buds at the moment!

Webshop will any day be updated with a new plantlist!

Webshop payment method Paypal now updated to Paypal Express Checkout.

After a long winter our plants in northern Europe are slowly waking up. Will soon publish a small plantlist with mostly seedlings. You can already now order 10 seedlings at a bargain price - see our ad.

Just received a batch of appr. 200 different FK seeds (Eriosyce, Copiapoa, Eulychnia etc). Cannot say exactly when I have time to add them to the shop, could take a month or more ... keep your eyes open!


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