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Long awaited - a new book
by Graham Charles!

Gymno book

Gymnocalycium in habitat and Culture

A new book by Graham Charles about one of the most popular cactus genera,
based on years of observation in habitat and cultivation. It is the first time
so much information has been available in English.

- Foreword by Dr. Nigel Taylor, Curator of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

- 288 pages case-bound with dust jacket, 280 x 210mm (the same page size
as the New

  Cactus Lexicon).

colour pictures of plants in nature, their habitats, plants in culture and


- 75
Detailed distribution maps showing where each species grows

- The
History, Characteristics, Classification, and Distribution of the genus

- Advice
on Cultivation

- Extensive index to help you look up the names on your labels

- List of GC Gymno. Field Numbers

Publication Date: End of May 2009 (in stock 2009-05-28!)

Price: 750 SEK (ca 70 EUR plus postage) 



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