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bluish-green to yellowish-green leaves with white margins and curly threads on the margin, very...
sharp thin leaves, long stalk with white flowers W (10 st/seeds/samen) Winter hardy/Winterhart
long greyish-green leaves, frost hardy W (10 st/seeds/samen) Winter hardy/Winterhart
a quite fast growing Yucca with a long stem when older, cold hardy down to appr -8 C W (10...
Yucca glauca9431
bluish-green thin leaves, very cold hardy! Grow in large pots for best result! W (20...
hardy plants but best with some cover during winter (at least in wet and cold areas) W (10...
long bluish green leaves, very nice and fast growing if grown in big pots or outside. Medium...
(10 st/seeds/samen)
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