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Chamaerops humilis9520
beautiful, often multi-trunked palm, can take temps down to -15 C W (5 st/seeds/samen) Winter...
Moringa  ovalifolia7165
(Moringaceae) a decorative, thickset, succulent-stemmed, erect tree of the dry, desert and...
Pseudogaltonia clavata9140
(Hyacinthaceae) “Star of the Desert,” is bulb from Namibia, where it grows in the summer rainfall...
Rhapidophyllum hystrix 'Georgia'9551
rare and very cold resistant Palm (down to -25C has been recorded) W (5 st/seeds/samen) Winter...
Sabal minor 'Cherokee'9552
the Dwarf Palmetto is a small an attractive palm that can take down to -20 C W (10...
Trachycarpus fortunei9521
the famous "Windmill palm" from Himalaya, well known to be very cold hardy (-15C or lower). W ...
Trachycarpus wagnerianus9553
resistant to windy and cold places (-17C). Can be grown almost everywhere, from the tropics to...
Washingtonia filifera9519
large growing, very nice leaves, frost hardy C (10 st/seeds/samen) Cold resistant ca -5...
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