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Weingartia buiningiana KAS 606.39933
very strong spination, large tubercles, yellow flowers with reddish throat (20 st/seeds/samen)
very rare! Body brownish-olive green, very thick root, brownish stiff spines, flower beautiful...
unusal species which looks more like a Gymnocalycium! Flowers yellow, curved spines (20...
Weingartia kargliana  BLMT 89.01 (Tupiza, Sud Chichas, Potosi, 3460m, Bol)4111
rare! brown pale body with few dark brown spines, flowers yellow (10 st/seeds/samen)
Weingartia kargliana  SE 160 (NE Cieneguillas, Bol)6019
round small greyish-brown body, short brown-black spines, yellow flower from top (10...
Weingartia kargliana HTH 106a (Iscayachi to Cieneguillas to El Puente, Bol)6206
dull brownish-green body, short spines, later longer, flowers yellowish (10 st/seeds/samen)
Weingartia kargliana MN 510 (Cieneguillas, 3026m, Bol)9028
brown body, few dark straight spines, yellowish flowers, huge roots (10 st/seeds/samen)
Weingartia neocumingii 'buiningiana' FR 816 (Capadala on Rio Pilcomayo, Chuquisaca, Bol)5189
low green body, many brown and short spines, flowers short orange-red (20 st/seeds/samen)
Weingartia neucumingii MN 434 (5km w Pampagrande, 1339m, Bol)8034
fresh green body with light brown needle-like spines, bright yellow flowers (20 st/seeds/samen)
Weingartia neumanniana  MN  57 (Humahuaca, Arg)3043
rare species with brown body, few dark spines, orange-yellow flower (10 st/seeds/samen)
Weingartia neumanniana  MN 172 (Iturbe, Arg)3044
Backebergs "v. aurantia nom. inval." with more orange-red coloured flower (10 st/seeds/samen)
Weingartia pucarensis HJ 1201 (Cerro Pucara, 2150-2500 m, Bol)7317
body from dark green to very dark wine-red, pretty! Flower orange-yellow with a darker throat,...
Weingartia pygmaea  HTH 029/99 (Tupiza to Mochara Pampa to Mal Paso Impora, 4200m, Bol)5898
dusty brown, long yellow-brown spines, long and straight, flowers clear yellow, very beautiful...
Weingartia pygmaea BLMT 863.03 (W Tacamayu, Chuquisaca,  3520m, Bol)7125
small brown plants with straight spines, yellowish flowers, huge roots (10 st/seeds/samen)
Weingartia pygmaea LF 576a (Mal Paso, 4031m, Bol)8591
small brownish green body, few strong spines, yellow flower, large roots! (10 st/seeds/samen)
most probably a Lobivia oligotricha form or a hybrid. Interesting enough to grow! Nice dark red...
Weingartia spec. KAS 699.19934
interesting plants, large growing, strong stiff plants, usually dark, flower yellow with reddish...
possibly a natural hybrid Weingartia x Lobivia cinnabarina. Short orange flowers (20...
Weingartia spectabillis MN 629 (W Tojapampa, Bol)9027
large dark green body, robust spines, flowers variable; yellow, orange, red! (10 st/seeds/samen)
Weingartia totorensis fma MN 616 (SE Torotoro, 3166m, Bol)8593
low rather large body, variable in spination, short orange-red flower. Pretty!!! (10...
very spiny plants, olive-green body, yellow flower (20 st/seeds/samen)
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