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General: In recent years this genus often includes many other genera, like Lobivia, Soehrensia, Trichocereus etc. Very variable plants, from large columnar species to smaller single plants. Flowers vary from white to yellow, red, pink, violet. In my list I usually use the older classification, which means medium sized plants with mostly white flowers, but also red and pink occur (obrepanda, mamillosa etc).
Growing: Full sun to slightly shade, weekly watering, in winter dry +3 to +10 C, short periods of frost rarely a problem. Easy to grow and perfect if you can keep plants at low temps in winter.
Habitat: Peru, Bolivia, Argentina (Chile)
 7864 9:-  
 4869 9:-  
Echinopsis ancistrophora  TB 418.3 (Cuesta el Lajar, Salta, 1934m, Argentina)5763 9:-  
 5009 9:-  
Echinopsis ancistrophora fma TB 668.1 (Alto de Medina, North of Villa Padre Monti, Tucuman, Arg)8096 9:-  
Echinopsis ancistrophora HUN 52 (Quebrada el Sunchal, El Maray, 2282m, Arg)6362 9:-  
 8768 9:-  
Echinopsis ancistrophora MN  20 (Escoipe, Arg)396 9:-  
Echinopsis ancistrophora MN  63 (La Calderilla, 1450m, Arg)397 9:-  
 8864 9:-  
Echinopsis ancistrophora v.  J 243 (Valle Grande, 1500, Arg)457 9:-  
 5647 9:-  
Echinopsis ayopayana TB 476.2 (Independecja, Cochabamba, Bol)6293 9:-  
Echinopsis ayopayana TB 797.3 (Leque, 3371m, La Paz, Bolivia)7399 9:-  
 5851 9:-  
Echinopsis bridgesii ssp. vallegrandensis MN 0442 (10km n Saipina, 1510, Cochabamba, Bolivia)6743 9:-  
Echinopsis bridgesii ssp. vallegrandensis TB 825.1 (S of Buena Vista, 1727m, Cochabamba, Bolivia)7400 9:-  
 6500 9:-  
Echinopsis cochabambensis TB 247.4 (La Villa, SW of Tiraque, 3030m, Cochabamba, Bolivia)7401 9:-  
 6907 9:-  
 5871 9:-  
 5231 9:-  
 4476 9:-  
Echinopsis leucantha  TB 323.1 (Carpinteria, 603m, San Juan, Argentina)5764 9:-  
 5765 9:-  
Echinopsis leucantha  TB 343.2 (Fiambala, Catamarca, 2002m, Argentina)5766 9:-  

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