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General: Flat to globular, 2-10cm in diameter, very variable, some making large clusters in age, flowers 20-60mm, white, yellow, red, pink, magenta. Known for the very colourful flowers and numerous flowers in spring. If kept cold during winter they will flower easily in spring, often covering the body with flowers. Perfect plants for collectors with little space. Even 10mm plants can flower (depending on species). Many species produce many offsets, therefore easy to propagate even without seeds. Unfortunately many names published which should just be treated as synonyms of already known widespread species (R fiebrigii, R minuscula). Sometimes authors include the genera Sulcorebutia and Weingartia.
Growing: Full sun, water weekly in summer, 5-10 C in winter.
Habitat: Bolivia, Argentina
 7626 $1.35  
Rebutia  fusca MN 516 (E Iscayachi - Cuesta de Sama, Tarija, 3867m, Bol)7613 $1.35  
Rebutia  kupperiana MN 368 (S. Canaletas, 2400m, Tarija, Bolivia)6881 $1.35  
Rebutia albiareolata MN 347 (Padcaya, 2100m, Bolivia)6546 $1.35  
 2087 $1.35  
 4083 $1.35  
 2089 $1.35  
Rebutia atrovirens v.  MN 234 (Iruya, Arg)2090 $1.62  
Rebutia atrovirens v. 'brunneoradicata'  FR 1109 (San Antonio, Mendez, Bol)2093 $1.35  
Rebutia atrovirens v. 'pauciareolata' FR 1121 (San Antonio, Bol)2095 $1.35  
Rebutia atrovirens v. haefneriana MN 259 (Capillas-Iruya, 4025m, Arg)4863 $1.35  
Rebutia atrovirens v. haefneriana MN 471 (Mina Maria Carmen, 3934m, Bol)7629 $1.35  
Rebutia atrovirens v. haefneriana MN 476 (Padcoyo-Pulquina, 4001m, Bolivia)7302 $1.35  
 3540 $1.35  
 3914 $1.35  
 2096 $1.35  
Rebutia atrovirens v. haefneriana RH 339 (Ex brunescens '99) (Esquire, 3950m, Bol)2097 $1.35  
Rebutia atrovirens v. haefneriana RH 348 (E Esquire, 3800m, Potosi, Bol)2099 $1.35  
 5194 $1.35  
 4911 $1.35  
 2105 $1.35  
 2107 $1.35  
Rebutia atrovirens v. pseudoritteri WR 5062108 $1.35  
Rebutia atrovirens v. raulii WR 4933947 $1.35  
Rebutia atrovirens v. ritteri Hoffmann 20882113 $1.35  
 2115 $1.35  

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