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beautiful yellow spination (20 st/seeds/samen)
nice bristle like spination in light yellow, white areoles (20 st/seeds/samen)
creeping, groupforming, covered by golden yellow spines (20 st/seeds/samen)
Haageocereus decumbens RH 4877a (Atico, Arequipa, 60m, Peru)8129
rather small growing, creeping, nice white flower (20 st/seeds/samen)
yellowish spination on long slender stems, from hot deserts in Peru (20 st/seeds/samen)
Haageocereus olowinskianus1110
many reddish brown spines, white flower! (20 st/seeds/samen)
impressive spiny plants (20 st/seeds/samen)
Haageocereus pseudomelanostele ssp. acanthocladus RH 5002 (Gramadal, Ancash, 300m, Peru)8126
densely spined stem, yellowish spination (20 st/seeds/samen)
soft bristle like spines in yellow, white nocturnal flower (20 st/seeds/samen)
Haageocereus pseudomelanostele ssp. turbidus RH 4846 (Huallhua, Ica, 1220m, Peru)8117
impressive long spines (20 st/seeds/samen)
Haageocereus versicolor4810
the most northern species, branching from the base, csp 1-2, variable in colour, rsp 25-40,...
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