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very small stem, dark flower (10 st/seeds/samen)
Gymnocactus beguinii LX 1769146
a beauty with many white spines and darker longer central spine! Flowers deep pink! (20...
white spines, darker centralspine, dark pink flower (20 st/seeds/samen)
very nice spiny plants, small pink flowers (20 st/seeds/samen)
dense white spines, longer central spine, deep magenta flowers (10 st/seeds/samen)
nicely spined in white and black, pink flowers from the top, attractive! (20 st/seeds/samen)
yellow-brownish spines and pink flowers from the top (20 st/seeds/samen)
big roots, thin neck, very spiny and with longer stronger, dark central spine, pinkish flower...
small round body, many white radial spines, black central spines, white-pink flowers with pinkish...
new beautiful ssp. with white radial spines and stronger central spines, flower white to pink ...
small body, beautiful pinkish flower (10 st/seeds/samen)
Gymnocactus subterraneus P 3623696
small body on a long thin root, sp whitish to black, flower deep pink # Only shipping to EU (10...

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