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General: Often very small and clustering. Mostly very spiny in different colours. Flowers vary from white to yellow, red, pink, magenta. Pinkish flowers most common.
Growing: Full sun to slightly shady, weekly watering, in winter dry +3 to +10 C, short periods of frost rarely a problem. Easy to grow and perfect if you can keep plants at low temps in winter. Some plants very frost hardy, like Escobaria vivipara which grows even in southern Canada. Plants which origin from those cold places can survive even in Swedish rock gardens. Escobaria missouriensis is also very hardy.
Habitat: USA, Canada and Mexico (Cuba)
Escobaria abdita VZD 1313 (Laguna de La Leche, Coah, Mexico)7630 $1.62  
 7245 $1.22  
 7614 $1.62  
Escobaria hesteri SB 430 (Brewster Co, TX)748 $1.62  
Escobaria hesteri ssp. grata MK 140.430A (Melchor Mizquiz, Coahuila, Mexico)6682 $1.62  
Escobaria minima SB 423 (Brewster Co, TX)749 $2.03  
Escobaria missouriensis 'caespitosa' (Fayette Co, TX)751 $1.62  
Escobaria missouriensis JRT 1121 (Baca Co, CO)7481 $1.62  
 8370 $2.03  
 8378 $2.03  
 8962 $1.22  
Escobaria missouriensis v. asperispina DJF 624 (San Juan de Solio, Nuevo
Leon, Mexico)754 $1.62  
Escobaria missouriensis v. marstonii (Wolf Hole, AZ)6505 $1.22  
Escobaria missouriensis v. marstonii LZ 812 (Arizona Strip, Arizona, USA)7244 $1.22  
Escobaria muehlbaueriana4704 $1.62  
 6507 $1.22  
 8470 $1.22  
 8471 $1.22  
 770 $1.22  
 6873 $1.22  
 8365 $1.62  
Escobaria vivipara LZ 622 (W Kevin, Missouri, USA)8586 $1.62  
 5385 $1.22  
 6872 $1.22  
Escobaria vivipara v. arizonica SB 587 (W Wayne Co, Utah)778 $1.22  
 779 $1.22  

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