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General: Now including Neoporteria, Neochilenia, Thelocephala, Horridocactus etc. Therefore this genus is very variable; from large heads (50cm across) to very small, barely visible in habitat with large roots (aerocarpa, napina, odieri). Flowers from small and numerous (10mm) to rather large (70mm). From whitish to yellow, red, magenta. This is a perfect genus to grow due to its variability in body, spines and flowers.
Growing: In summer full sun and water once a week in good weather. Temps in winter 5-10 C and totally dry. Easy from seed with some exceptions (E umadeave).
Habitat: Chile (Argentina)
Eriosyce aerocarpa  RMF 299 (40 km w Canto del Agua, Chile)488 $1.62  
Eriosyce aerocarpa JA 19 (East of Carrizal Bajo, 03 Atacama, Chile)7243 $1.22  
 8824 $1.22  
Eriosyce aurata 'ceratistes' JN 887 (Combarbala, Coquimbo, 967m, Chile)8457 $1.62  
Eriosyce aurata JN 1364 (Los Ventisqueros, Valparaiso, 1609m, Chile)8452 $1.62  
 8825 $1.22  
 8827 $1.62  
Eriosyce bulbocalyx v. megliolii RMF 6109107 $2.03  
Eriosyce caligophila FK 1211 (Pitache, Chile)6798 $1.62  
Eriosyce chilensis FK 3 (Pta Molles)506 $1.22  
 8459 $1.22  
Eriosyce chilensis v. albidiflora FK 192 (Pichidanqui)507 $1.22  
 8458 $1.22  
 4275 $1.22  
Eriosyce confinis FK 528 (Sra Hornillos, S Copiapo)509 $1.22  
 8838 $1.22  
Eriosyce crispa FK 78 (Maitencillo, 300m, Chile)510 $1.22  
 8454 $1.62  
Eriosyce crispa ssp. atroviridis FK  65 (S Canton de Agua, Chile)511 $1.22  
Eriosyce crispa ssp. atroviridis FK  67 (Freirina, 800m, Chile)512 $1.22  
Eriosyce crispa ssp. atroviridis FK  69 (Freirina, 200m)4249 $1.22  
Eriosyce crispa ssp. atroviridis FK 105513 $1.22  
Eriosyce crispa ssp. atroviridis FK 160 (10 kms S Freirina)514 $1.22  
Eriosyce crispa ssp. atroviridis FK 397 (2 km N Vallenar)515 $1.22  
Eriosyce crispa ssp. atroviridis FK 61 (W Canto de Agua)516 $1.22  
Eriosyce crispa ssp. totoralensis RMF 292 (Totoral)8958 $1.22  

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