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epiphyt, long dull green leaves, large scarlet-red flowers! Very beautiful. (20 st/seeds/samen)
Disocactus biformis ex Lautner3456
flat, leaflike stems, 5 cm long flower, red-magenta thin petals (10 st/seeds/samen)
Disocactus nelsonii (Motozintla-Huixtla)6831
long slender leaves, easy to flower in early spring, 5-6cm pink flowers. Grow in partial shade. ...
long slender stems, few spines, large red flowers (10-15 cm), rare to find seeds with locality...
Disocactus speciosus 'stenopetalus' (Durango-Mazatlan)9134
(syn. Heliocereus elegantissimus v. stenopetalus, Heliocereus schrankii subsp. stenopetalus) very...
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