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General: Flat, globular to short cylindrical plants, some with very marked, high ribs. Body often with small white spots. Some species spineless, other with very long paperlike spines. Flowers yellow, with or without red throat.
Growing: Full sun, well drained potting mix. Winter temp 5-10 C. Easy from seed.
Habitat: Mexico (USA)
Astrophytum asterias (Gonzales)17
low, round, star like plant with white spots, yellow flower with red throat, very popular and...
long grey curved spines, yellow flower with red throat (20 st/seeds/samen)
long grey curved spines, yellow flower with red throat (20 st/seeds/samen)
pretty curly dark spines, big yellow flower with red throat (20 st/seeds/samen)
pretty plants, easy to grow, yellow flower (20 st/seeds/samen)
often pure yellow flowers (20 st/seeds/samen)
long papery spines, very pretty (20 st/seeds/samen)
covered in papery greyish spines, flower yellow with a red throat! (20 st/seeds/samen)
mix of different species and forms (20 st/seeds/samen)
Astrophytum myriostigma 'columnare'31
white body, more columnar growth and smaller flower size (20 st/seeds/samen)
form with four ribs, nice (20 st/seeds/samen)
(20 st/seeds/samen)
bizarre and rare cultivar! (10 st/seeds/samen)
one of the most beautiful, sought after and attractive of all Astrophytum. It has snowy-white,...
impressive plants, covered in white dots, yellow flowers (20 st/seeds/samen)
Astrophytum ornatum35
large growing plant! Yellow straight spines, large yellow flower (20 st/seeds/samen)
Astrophytum senile PP 457 (El Amparo, Coahuila, Mexico)7516
long twisted spines, yellow flower (20 st/seeds/samen)
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