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[PLANT/PFLANZE] Echinocereus xlloydii MN 702 (Orogrande)41411
cylindrical rather big plants with a lot of spines, longer straight central spine, all flower...
[PLANT/PFLANZE] Parodia aff. subterranea Walter Mucha 383 (Cana Cruz)41410
seed bought as P occulta but looking at the seedlings it looks more like P. subterranea. Black...
[PLANT/PFLANZE] Parodia hausteiniana MN 59941278
rare, fantastic yellow spines, hooked central spine, small yellow flower! # Only shipping to EU...
[PLANT/PFLANZE] Parodia larapuntensis MN 48141279
newly described species, group forming, white and yellow-brown spines, pretty yellow-orange...
[PLANT/PFLANZE] Parodia obtusa MN 74541396
nice yellowish-brown spination, later growing to impressive short cylindrical plants, yellow...
[PLANT/PFLANZE] Parodia roseana MN 75841387
rare and newly described, small round body, yellow-brown spines, hooked central spine, reddish...
[PLANT/PFLANZE] Parodia saintpieana DH 18340060
clustering body, beautiful golden-yellow spines, small yellow flowers from the top.  # Only...
aff. juckeri. Yellow spines, yellowish flowers # Only shipping to EU countries (Size: 3 cm)
[PLANT/PFLANZE] Parodia spec. MN 757a (NE Paichu)41395
compact low plants with long and strong curved central spine, dark red flower. Small plants, but...
[PLANT/PFLANZE] Parodia tuberculata MN 62041216
nice green body with brown-yellow spines, curved central spine! Charming shiny orange flower! #...
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