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Postage & packing:
Seeds are sent in hard paper box by airmail. Seeds are marked with art. number but no name. Please keep your emailed order acknowledgment as reference or search art.no. on our homepage. Airmail reach most countries within 3-10 days. The fee for normal postage (no tracking, shipping at buyers risk) is appr. 4 USD/3 Euro (more info in the webshop). If you want tracking, choose Registered mail. When you make your order in our webshop you will also see the shipping cost for other heavier items as pots, book etc.

Substitutes / sorts sold out:
Remember that some of the items ordered could be out of stock. If you have marked that you accept substitutes and written down name or article no, we will choose these (use the text field for this). NB! If you do NOT list any substitute we will send a substitute of own choice or more seeds of the other items in your order. Unfortunately we cannot email and ask for substitutes as this would far too time consuming! I can see that this topic has been discussed in some forums on the net - please ... if you have any questions or complaints, you are ALWAYS welcome to contact me by mail so we can sort things out. I promise to do my best to make you happy!

You have several alternatives, choose the one you like best:

Direct to our bank account number:

BIC/Swift code: NDEASESS
IBAN code: SE50 3000 0000 03068 22 65632
Account no:
3068 22 65632

NB! Please note that you must pay all bank charges when paying.
Credit card - Payment possible with VISA or MasterCard but only online in my webshop. You can also use PayPal (www.paypal.com) to our emailaddress succseed@succseed.com. PayPal is easy to use and easy to sign up.

Cash in currencies: USD, EUR, SEK but only bills/notes (paper money). In Euro coins are also accepted! Send the money in an envelope to our address.  If you prefer, send as registered mail. This payment mode is always at your own risk.
Please send to following address:

Valsangsvagen 24

Postal giro account no. 605 75 83-4, SuccSeed. Pay for all/our expenses. Payment can be done via Eurogiro or SWIFT to our account 605 75 83-4 with Plusgiro Bank AB Stockholm, SWIFT address PGSISESS.

Countries outside Europe VAT not refundable.

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