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Adenium arabicum7164
easy to grow, fast growing to 3m tall, pachycaul stems and a stout, swollen basal caudex.
 1,32 €  
Adenium obesum3063
fat caudex with shiny green leaves, red flower, fast growing with beautiful flowers! (10...
 2,20 €  
Adenium obesum cv. Triple Flower8575
beautiful selection with extra beautiful, numerous petals and mixed flower colours! Rare and...
 5,50 €  
Adenium obesum ssp. multiflorum6464
magnificent succulent with large and broad green leaves and reddish flowers with a white centre.
 1,65 €  
Adenium somalense8576
big plant up to 2-4 metres, swollen base, thin green leaves with a lighter line, flower big and...
 3,08 €  
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