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very rare! Body brownish-olive green, very thick root, brownish stiff spines, flower beautiful...
 1,98 €  
unusal species which looks more like a Gymnocalycium! Flowers yellow, curved spines (20...
 1,32 €  
Weingartia kargliana  BLMT 89.01 (Tupiza, Sud Chichas, Potosi, 3460m, Bol)4111
rare! brown pale body with few dark brown spines, flowers yellow (10 st/seeds/samen)
 1,32 €  
Weingartia kargliana  SE 160 (NE Cieneguillas, Bol)6019
round small greyish-brown body, short brown-black spines, yellow flower from top (10...
 1,10 €  
Weingartia kargliana HTH 106a (Iscayachi to Cieneguillas to El Puente, Bol)6206
dull brownish-green body, short spines, later longer, flowers yellowish (10 st/seeds/samen)
 1,32 €  
Weingartia kargliana MN 510 (Cieneguillas, 3026m, Bol)9028
brown body, few dark straight spines, yellowish flowers, huge roots (10 st/seeds/samen)
 1,32 €  
Weingartia neocumingii 'buiningiana' FR 816 (Capadala on Rio Pilcomayo, Chuquisaca, Bol)5189
low green body, many brown and short spines, flowers short orange-red (20 st/seeds/samen)
 1,10 €  
Weingartia neucumingii MN 434 (5km w Pampagrande, 1339m, Bol)8034
fresh green body with light brown needle-like spines, bright yellow flowers (20 st/seeds/samen)
 1,10 €  
Weingartia neumanniana  MN  57 (Humahuaca, Arg)3043
rare species with brown body, few dark spines, orange-yellow flower (10 st/seeds/samen)
 1,10 €  
Weingartia neumanniana  MN 172 (Iturbe, Arg)3044
Backebergs "v. aurantia nom. inval." with more orange-red coloured flower (10 st/seeds/samen)
 1,32 €  
Weingartia pucarensis HJ 1201 (Cerro Pucara, 2150-2500 m, Bol)7317
body from dark green to very dark wine-red, pretty! Flower orange-yellow with a darker throat,...
 1,65 €  
Weingartia pygmaea  HTH 029/99 (Tupiza to Mochara Pampa to Mal Paso Impora, 4200m, Bol)5898
dusty brown, long yellow-brown spines, long and straight, flowers clear yellow, very beautiful...
 1,10 €  
Weingartia pygmaea BLMT 863.03 (W Tacamayu, Chuquisaca,  3520m, Bol)7125
small brown plants with straight spines, yellowish flowers, huge roots (10 st/seeds/samen)
 1,65 €  
Weingartia pygmaea LF 576a (Mal Paso, 4031m, Bol)8591
small brownish green body, few strong spines, yellow flower, large roots! (10 st/seeds/samen)
 1,32 €  
most probably a Lobivia oligotricha form or a hybrid. Interesting enough to grow! Nice dark red...
 1,10 €  
possibly a natural hybrid Weingartia x Lobivia cinnabarina. Short orange flowers (20...
 1,10 €  
Weingartia spectabillis MN 629 (W Tojapampa, Bol)9027
large dark green body, robust spines, flowers variable; yellow, orange, red! (10 st/seeds/samen)
 1,32 €  
Weingartia trollii MN 616 (SE Torotoro, 3166m, Bol)8593
low rather large body, variable in spination, short reddish flower. Pretty!!! (10 st/seeds/samen)
 1,32 €  
very spiny plants, olive-green body, yellow flower (20 st/seeds/samen)
 1,32 €  
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