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brown variable spines, orange-red flowers near apex, very nice! (20 st/seeds/samen)
 1,10 €  
Matucana madisoniorum1682
bizarre plant with few spines, long reddish flowers, keep above 10 C in winter otherwise it gets...
 1,32 €  
Matucana paucicostata  (Ancash, Peru)6152
fresh green, ribs with tubercles, brown spines, flower long and red, easy to grow and flower! ...
 1,10 €  
(20 st/seeds/samen)
 1,10 €  
Matucana weberbaueri ssp. flammea KK 779 (Cajamarca, 2600m, Peru)1692
long, straight yellow spines, fl orange (20 st/seeds/samen)
 1,32 €  
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