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General: In cultivation globular to short cylindrical plants, covered in short white spines, some forms making large clusters in age, flowers white to pinkish, small but mostly numerous.
Growing: Full sun, well drained potting mix. Winter temp 5-10 C. Easy from seed.
Habitat: Mexico (USA)
Epithelantha bokei (Nuevo Yucutan, Sierra la Paila)9233
very small body, sunken apex, covered in tiny white spines # Only shipping to EU (10 st/seeds/samen)
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tiny body covered in white spines, very small white-pink flowers (20 st/seeds/samen)
 1,32 €  
covered by tiny white spines, woolly top, pale pink flower (10 st/seeds/samen)
 1,10 €  
covered in white tiny spines, small light pink flowers (10 st/seeds/samen)
 1,10 €  
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