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Bombax ellipticum7163
(Malvacae) a tree that can reach 18 m (60 ft) in height and 1.3 m (4 ft) d.b.h. Its branches are...
 1,98 €  
Chamaerops humilis9520
beautiful, often multi-trunked palm, can take temps down to -15 C W (5 st/seeds/samen) Winter...
 2,75 €  
Pseudogaltonia clavata9140
(Hyacinthaceae) “Star of the Desert,” is bulb from Namibia, where it grows in the summer rainfall...
 1,98 €  
Rhapidophyllum hystrix 'Georgia'9551
rare and very cold resistant Palm (down to -25C has been recorded) W (5 st/seeds/samen) Winter...
 4,95 €  
Sabal minor 'Cherokee'9552
the Dwarf Palmetto is a small an attractive palm that can take down to -20 C W (10...
 2,20 €  
Trachycarpus fortunei9521
the famous "Windmill palm" from Himalaya, well known to be very cold hardy (-15C or lower). W ...
 2,75 €  
Washingtonia filifera9519
large growing, very nice leaves, frost hardy C (10 st/seeds/samen) Cold resistant ca -5...
 2,20 €  
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