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unrooted cuttings, small stems, clustering, yellow flowers, very hardy form # Only shipping to EU...
3,08 €
2,20 €
[PLANT/PFLANZE] Opuntia columbiana MH 387 (Spences Bridge, BC, Canada)41225
winterhardy plants from British Columbia, Canada. Mostly unrooted cuttings, grown under frame in...
 2,20 €  
[PLANT/PFLANZE] Opuntia fragilis 'Bob Johnson'41230
small and very hardy plants with long but few spines. Mostly unrooted cuttings, grown under frame...
 2,20 €  
[PLANT/PFLANZE] Opuntia fragilis cv Frankfurt41374
easily flowering form, yellow flowers, forming nice low clusters! Very cold hardy! # Only...
 2,75 €  
[PLANT/PFLANZE] Opuntia fragilis SB 95 (Dunn Co, SD) **40010
very hardy form, small and round segments, sharp yellow spines, good for rock garden and almost...
 3,85 €  
very hardy, fresh green, unrooted cuttings, will root easily, motherplants grown outside for many...
 2,20 €  
unrooted cuttings, very hardy form. Flower unknown. White spines # Only shipping to EU countries...
 2,75 €  
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