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Epiphyllum HYBRID 'Winbergs selection'
my own hybrids! If you get an unusual or very beautiful flower colour, please contact me! (20...
1,32 €
Eriosyce crispa v. huascensis FK 76 (Huasco, 50m)
brown sp, fl whitish with red midstripes (20 st/seeds/samen)
1,10 €
Bolivicereus samaipatanus MN 424 (Angostura, Santa Cruz, Bol)
very nice slender stems with short brown spines, beautiful red-pink flowers! (20 st/seeds/samen)
1,32 €
Hildewinteria colademononis
fantastic plant with very long hairlike spines, white and soft, grow fast and without any...
1,98 €
Parodia formosa 'winbergii' MN 313 (San Lucas-Peña Alta, Jujuy, 1280m, Arg)
dwarf species, low light green with yellow to red-brown spines, yellow flowers (20 st/seeds/samen)
1,10 €
Rebutia flavistyla  BLMT 769.07
finally rediscovered NE of Tarija! This form has same body and spination as Ritters material (FR...
1,65 €
Lobivia wrightiana spp. winteriana BLMT 468.04
fantastic plants with strong pectinate spines, yellow-brown, stem small and round, pale...
1,32 €
Echinopsis mamillosa 'flexilis' MN 179 (Iruya, Arg)
rather big plants, yellowish spines, long violet-pink to white flowers (20 st/seeds/samen)
1,10 €
Rebutia narvaecensis MN 528 (Narvaez, Tarija, Bolivia)
one of the best Rebutias with the numerous white-pink flowers! Dark body with whitish short...
1,65 €
Lobivia tiegeliana v. flaviflora MN 348 (Angostura, Tarija, Bolivia)
small growing, clustering plants, 2-4 cm across, spines yellow to reddish, flower yellow, but...
1,10 €
Disocactus nelsonii (Motozintla-Huixtla)
long slender leaves, easy to flower in early spring, 5-6cm pink flowers. Grow in partial shade. ...
1,32 €
Rebutia violaciflora  WR 681 (Yacones, Arg)
violet fl, classical (20 st/seeds/samen)
1,10 €
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